About Us

Mozzaico is the leading mosaic company with the widest range of mosaic collections in the Philippines which started its operations way back in 2010. Mozzaico caters to different kinds of markets, and continuously strives to bring the latest trends and technologies to the country, while providing first class service to its clientele.

With decades of combined experience, skill and expertise, Mozzaico is equipped to provide high quality products to clients with all kinds of projects and requirements – from the on-hand regular collections, special orders and customized designs, for commercial projects such as hotels, resorts, malls, churches, schools, as well as residential projects.


The Mozzaico group of designers and purchasers regularly research and travel to source the best mosaics from international suppliers, and commit to large quantities as regular stocks. We make sure designs are up-todate with worldwide trends, with different selections of colors, materials, genres and textures, with the widest selection of mosaics and tiles with available inventory, making us equipped to provide for orders of small quantities, to high volume project requirements.


With years of experience, the Mozzaico Team is fully trained and are ready to provide you with the best service and assistance in choosing tiles, mosaics and accessories to suit your requirements. Our team is dedicated, competent, with product knowledge, eye for design and customer-focused service and value our relationships with each and every client.

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