Mozzaico Libis showroom is open from Mondays to Saturdays, 8:30 am – 7:00 pm. We open our showroom on Sundays by appointment.

Mozzaico MC Home Depot BGC showroom is open from 9:00am – 7:00 pm.


You can place your order by following the steps on the Products page of our website. Step 1: Send us a message through our Live Chat or Send an Email option. Indicate the item & quantities you would like to order and & our sales representative will attend to your inquiry.

The charges vary based on the delivery location. These charges will be assessed after your order is processed, and you will be contacted regarding the rates.

We are in partnership with select delivery service companies giving you more options. Corresponding rates, terms & conditions shall apply.

Regular items on hand are given a tentative delivery schedule during inquiry and are finalized. We will prepare your order for shipping shortly after we receive payment from you. For indent and special items, a delivery schedule will be provided during confirmation as well.

You can order these items, and it would be classified as an Indent order. These are items we don’t have in stock and is brought through a special order. Certain indent items may have a minimum order quantity and delivery lead time. All the details will be discussed by our sales team with you before you place your order.

The additional quantity is called a buffer to be prepared for unforeseen incidents such possible breakages, cutting and wastage of the tile during installation. This is to have an on hand same tonality (shade) of the item when a replacement is needed.

Yes, we can. The corresponding shipping fee will be assessed and discussed with you.

We currently accept cash and major credit cards for in-store payments, and those who want to pay from home can do via bank transfer and online transfer. We also accept payments through Dragonpay.


The cost varies depending on the type, size & materials to use. We do portraits, logos and sculptures. You can send us more info on what you’d want to have made, and our design team will provide you with all the information.

You can fill up our contact inquiry form on the Mosaic Art page on our website, or simply get in touch with us through our contact numbers. We’ll ask for more details of the custom piece such as the size, and a photo/design for reference. Delivery lead time will depend on the production process involved.

All our mosaic artworks are created by international designers and artists & artisan.


We can accommodate return & exchange of items within a certain period and the condition of the items purchased. Please check this for the terms & conditions.

Yes, there is a warranty for the bath collections. Please refer to the terms and conditions.



It is important to put at least 1.5 to 3mm spacing between tiles. Zero gap will cause pressure to the tiles making it to crack, pop up and break. So it’s best to make sure about this with your installer.

Regular tile adhesives can be used for smaller sized tiles, and it’s recommended to use heavy-duty adhesives for bigger tiles sized 80×80 cm above.

There are different types of adhesives for mosaic installation depending on the material of the mosaic. Our sales team can give you more info for the specific kind of mosaic you’re inquiring about.

Certain glass mosaics can be installed on the floor as long as correct & proper installation is applied.  Mirror mosaics though are only recommended for walls due to scratches and damage from foot traffic.

We do select installation projects. You can coordinate with the sales representatives regarding this.