Bath & Kitchen

  • Black seat cover | Smart Toilet |PP seat cover | 5.5 Liters Per Flush | S-trap, 300 mm | Tankless | Toilet Fittings Included | With flange, heavy-duty angle valve & flexible hose, remote control & back up battery


    •Automatic Seat & Cover- Opens & closes automatically
    •Wireless Remote Control- Promotes convenience and hygiene
    •Washlet-an individually adjustable wand with self-cleaning function
    •Multi-functional washlet- Can be adjusted for female & child use
    •Heated Seat-provides warmth & comfort
    •Adjustable Thermo – Adjustable heat temperature for seat, washlet & air dryer
    •Comfort wave- Large droplets of water, richly dense, give a luxurious sense of comfort
    •Warm dryer- Equipped with a dryer for convenience
    •Night light- Sets the mood for relaxation
    •Rimless- Hygienic & easy to clean
    •Siphonic Flush- For quite flush & comfort
    •Quiet close seat- smooth closing action
    •Nano glazed-self cleaning for family protection

  • Two Piece Toilet | Siphonic| Dual Flush Push Button | S-trap, 300 mm | 3/6 LPF | Quiet-Close PP Seat |Tank Fittings Included

  • Direct-mount shower system w/ spout

  • In-wall bath & shower system w/ spout

  • Square Under The Counter Wash Sink
    Faucet & fittings Not Included

  • Single-hole mixer basin faucet (Hot & Cold)

  • Extended single hole mixer basin faucet (Hot & Cold)

  • (CH-Shower, Breeze Round, Brent Tap)
    Wall-mount dual tap (plastic chrome-plated) w/ hand shower

  • Wall-mount dual flow tap

    Brass Chrome Plated

  • Wall Hung Urinal
    Fittings included

  • Round Under The Counter Wash Sink
    Dimension: 570×435 mm
    Faucet & fittings not Included